Lifestyle Consultation

Do you dress for the job you want or the job you have? In life we have 7 seconds to make a first impression. This is where Tracie comes in. Her team of professionals will help you brand yourself personally and professionally helping with everything from wardrobe, hair and makeup using retail therapy as the primary avenue to this solution.

Consultation Rates:
15 Min Consultation – Free
1 Hour Consultation – $50**

Lifestyle Nutrition: (Optional – Extra Charge)
Tracie will ask specific questions about your diet, daily routines, weaknesses etc. and will make recommendations based on the answers.

Modeling Consultation

Do you have questions about the modeling industry? Do you need guidance on making decisions, negotiating contracts or hiring a photographer? Not sure what images to share with agencies? As a 20+ year veteran of the international modeling industry, the knowledge Tracie shares will be practical and useful.

Consultation Rates*:
15 Min Consultation – Free
1 Hour Consultation – $50**
2+ Hours Consultation – $40/hr

* Discount given for more hours booked. Can be done at once or spread out over a few weeks. Dates must be suggested when booking is done and will be accepted based on Tracie’s availability.

(All services are available via long distance communication, FB, Skype, etc.)

**Should you wish to upgrade to a package, your 1 hour $50 Consultation Fee will be deducted from the selected package cost.