Tracie Stern - The Mogul

What modeling taught me at such a young age is how to be a business owner. Marketing, accounting, freedom of time vs trading time for money.  I was earning over $100,000 in my mid twenties, jet setting around the world. What I made in a week, many don’t make in a year. But what I was missing was long term vision. Not once did I ever think about what I was going to do AFTER modeling. I just never saw it ending.

In 2004, I was introduced to a profession, not unlike modeling in concept…it involved sales of a product (which in modeling was me, in exchange for a price), the difference was, that now I was a new mom and my time freedom had changed. It wasn’t about me anymore. That profession was network marketing.

It was then that I started to perfect business ownership. I learned more about marketing, budgeting, merchandising etc. and how to interact with my neighbors, which I had never had up until then. What a GREAT concept. Work when you want, as hard as you want, and generate an income that you want. This is where the similarities with modeling ended. Modeling didn’t offer residual income, you worked, you got paid. Only if you did commercials and acting did the residual income options come in.

Now over the years, I’ve evolved as a person, as a mother and a business women. My interests have changed and so have my businesses. Each one helping me to evolve into the next part of myself. Through these transitions, I found new talents which I have now created business opportunities with.

BDW Lifestyling

For over a decade now, I have taken what I learned being in front of the camera to the streets, helping women of all shapes and sizes fall in love with their mirrors.

The process is simple. Most women have never been taught how to dress. We go from “hottie”, to mommy, then to ‘who knows what’ in a matter of seconds it seems. We never really have time to transition. And fashion? HA! That’s the last thing on our minds. My methods are freeing to my clients. I show them who they are, not who they see themselves as. I leave them empowered, inspired and ready to take on the world. I also leave them with the ability to continue without me. After all, it’s your mirror.

FuXion Functional Beverages

Remember the story of network marketing above? Well it has never gone away.

Fuxion is an 11 year old company founded in Lima, Peru using ancient Amazonian, Andean and Asian health practices to create amazing, highly concentrated, functional beverages that help with aging, weight loss, hormonal support and just all around energy and happiness. I love the simplicity of this product line and how anyone can incorporate a healthy habit by just changing what they are already drinking from not so good, to phenomenal.

Rock The Woman Card

I needed a platform to take my message of self love and empowerment to the masses. RTWC is it. A vision given to me over a year ago that inspired me to create this one of a kind event in Virginia Beach, VA.

RTWC is designed for the woman who is ready to be kicked in the ass and go to the next level of success.  The woman who is tired of being a victim. Tired of making excuses and wants the key tools to making her future the one of her dreams. I’ve worked very hard to target specific sponsors, vendors and speakers who will only offer the highest quality services and products to the women in attendance.

There is no room for fluff in RTWC, only grit and determination.