Vanessa L.

Tracie with Black Diamond Wellness is an amazing Life Stylist!

I have always been a bit of a tomboy.  Never knowing what to wear or how to wear it.  Not sure what colors work with my skin tone.  And I definitely didn’t enjoy shopping!  So much anxiety.  But thanks to Tracie the whole process was quick and painless and I can actually see how to put things together.

It all starts with her amazing one hour consultation at your house.  She goes through your wardrobe piece by piece to see what should be donated and what are good pieces to keep.  Then we are off at a later date to shop.  My whole transformation took 3 hours and I came out with more pieces than I knew what to do with (all on a very fixed budget).

I am a full time working mom and I own my own business.  I am the face of my company.  I need to know how to dress, but since I have kids, I can’t spend a fortune.  Tracie was conscious of what I could buy and really made every dollar count!  She is amazing.  From her knowledge of colors, to accessories, to your body type, she does it all.  The whole process was so much fun and educational!

I would happily recommend Tracie and Black Diamond Wellness to anyone I meet.  And the best part, we aren’t done.  She even helps with your hair and makeup!  Again, if you are looking for a life stylist to help you with your look, whether a working mom or not, Tracie is here to help!  What an amazing business woman with such an insight into how to dress for the real world!  LOVED the whole experience!

Dr. Erica Steele

I just want to give a huge shout out to the incredible, amazing, and truly talented Tracie Stern.

Not only did she come and painfully gut my closet, but also helped me to put the past where it belongs and let go of the clothes that were worn then. This is only the first half of the process, letting go, releasing, detoxing, and healing. I never thought in a million years that a closet clean out could elicit so much emotion!

Super excited to step into the new me in the new year. Fearless, open, and free ~

Part 2

Yesterday, Tracie Stern of Black Diamond Wellness, Inc took me shopping for round # 2 of building Dr Steele’s brand It was a full experience… some moments exciting, some moments exhausting. It truly was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to mix and match all of my new found “pieces” after they have been allowed to breathe overnight— advice from my styling Guru Something’s I learned from this experience that surprised me.

  1. Clothes are an extension of who you are, they are not a function,
  2. We as human beings are not function, we are all important and unique providing unique gifts to the world.
  3. Models work hard as hell — no really
  4. Looking at clothes is a completely different experience, it’s all in colors, textures, fit
  5. I have recognized how truly important I am, instead of living my life to help others and neglect myself— there is no nobility in self neglect
  6. Instead of just grabbing whatever as a function…. I am beginning to feel important
  7. Sizes don’t matter, and neither do prices
  8. Clothes are an expression of who we are in life
  9. I love natural colors and flowing fabrics
  10. Tracie Stern is like my older sister from another mother ….

And lastly as I went to the grocery store this morning guys were totally checking me out … why because they couldn’t help it….lol… it’s all in the style